Rupanya my last post was in 2015.

How many things have change.  Too many things.

And I am becoming 38 this year, just 3 months away.

My growing boys.....Amir is now in standard 5, the super duper challenging busy and hati bagai besi kind of son he is now.  A'imran is now in standard 3, soft hearted, talkative tapi mulut ai tak leh tahan, kalau bergaduh dengan Amir mmg segala Bahasa keluar dari mulut dia.  This morning mulut dah kena slapped dengan abi...but he is so easy to handle.  Reason why his mulut  become like that is becoz of Amir, always challenge us dengan perangai yang ya n Imran memang seriously tak leh tahan.

Akmal, now 5 years old.  My buddy, my manja boy...he entertainer and lovey dowey baby.  But now pun dah kuat jerit2 macam abang, garang kemain macam Imran.

Ok...enough intro in 2018.  Just wanna recap my growing years, since the last time I wrote here.  hehehe, mmg blog ni bersawang tahap gua👧👧👧

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