Me...yg selalu having trouble with my 2 growing boys...they never listen to me
No matter how garang i matter how much i pujuk elok2 with soft voice, they just wont listen ...i dont know how to talk to amir mmg pandai bagi words yg menyakitkan hati...seriously rs nk menjerit until top of my lungs sambil belasah amir ni!!!!rs nk bertukar jd monster saaaangat2!!!!berlari sana sini x nk dgr ckp....asyik nk pujuk2 n nego bribe itu ini buat ai letih ok....grrrrrr

*penat mekap cantik2...end up muka berubah hijau jd hulk!
Buat shopping mall jd playground, org pn berbulu je tgk...

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